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Pine Mount School,Shillong

Additional Activities

A company of girls guides, Bulbuls and Junior Red Cross are being run in the School under the supervision of Teachers-in-charge. An Eco-Club and the DNA Club have also been formed in the school. The DNA Club, under the auspices of TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) has the following specific objectives:

  1. To enhance understanding among students about the immense value of biological diversity of our country, the importance of locally available bio-resources, their sustainable use and conservation.
  2. To equip them with relevant skills and technological issues related to biotechnology.
  3. To familiarize students with scientific and technological issues related to biotechnology.
  4. To provide students with experimental learning opportunity.
  5. To create opportunities for hands on experience in the field at the school level.
  6. To organize field trips to National Institute and National Biological Parks of the country.
  7. To facilitate interaction with leading experts in the field including the core and visiting faculty at the institution.
  8. To stimulate interest in pursuing careers in science and technology.

The clubs are divided into two groups such as VI – VIII standard and IX – XII standard. For the VI – VIII standard groups the activities are on Biodiversity and Bio-resources in general, whereas the activities for IX – XII standard are primarily on Biotechnology. The activities are defined in such a manner that they are extra curricular, yet oriented towards the curriculum.

Each student from Class III onwards belongs to any of the four houses in the School: Miles, Collie, Tunstall or Neal. Inter-house activities and competitions, under the supervision of house teachers and assistance of house captains, are organized in the school on a regular basis.

School Sports and a school concert are held in the school every alternate year. Children really look forward to these times when they can participate in these major events and show case their talents.

The school participates in a lot of Inter-school competitions/Sports tournaments organized by the government and other institutions/organizations from time to time.

The Exhibition of work is held towards the end of the year when the students’ complete work is displayed. The work includes Needle work, S.U.P.W, Art, Hand work, Craft, Science models/exhibits, Computer presentation etc. Parents are invited to the Exhibition and the response has always been good.

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